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DO you have a video game that’s more special to you than others && if so why 8)?

I have played so many games that I cannot really remember. I always tend to find a new one that’s special to me in one way or another. However, one game I will never forget is Legend Of Heroes : A Tear Of Vermillion. It’s one of the few games I cried when I finished the story because it was absolutely touching and wonderful and I still remember the experience vividly, even though a great amount of years have passed.

whAT ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO unless this question is creepy idk get out

I am not allergic to anything but for some reason I cannot eat cheese. The reason is not allergic but more of a psychological one.

do you know what you wanna do in the future career wise? iF YES Have you always wanted to do that

I don’t really want to make plans for the long future because doing so in the past has nearly destroyed me. I like music. Maybe I could do something around that I guess?


I dunno, bruh. One day, tumblr suggested me to you and you had a Persona 2 icon. Knowing that I didn’t post anything about persona in my blog I found that strangely peculiar so I just mentioned it in the ask box..

and then…unicorns farted rainbows and a wonderful friendship emerged from the clouds.

What was your best subject in high school (Oh look at me bein gross do u all feel old)

Physics and History. Doesn’t make sense, I know. 

can you speak any other languages?

I dunno, Greek, German, a bit japanese and I remember that one day I tried studying Romanian because unlike other balkan countries, their language is a breed from Latin…

I like Latin, hehe

dID YOU EVER HAVE A MYSPACE? Were you all scenie emo kid back in the day GO ON ADMIT UR EMBARRASSING SELF FROM THE PAST ~*~*~*

MySpace? nope. People were all over hi5 back in my ‘wonderful teenage life’. I was a rebel.

What’s your idea of a perfect day? like temperature and shit and stuff

my perfect day is like my personality…mild with a chance of hailstorms


horrible rpgs, cardgames, a questioning sexuality of a depressed 14 year old with an enigmatic albino and unicorn mobile suits!

do you have any super weird habits/things you do (like flicking your fingers if theres salt on them what i dont do that—)

I flex my fingers so much that I used it as a weapon to scare girls who were trying to mock me back in highschool <3

Which Character from any TV/Game/Anime do you relate to the most? If so, which?

Never actually thought about this for a long time but I always thought I could relate to Asuka from NGE. It was the first show I ever watched so it still thrills me to this day. Her personality doesn’t really have any good traits but well, my life wasn’t colourful as well and I am afraid that in most situations, I acted and still act like her.

Do you have a favourite Soundtrack?

Not just one! I do have a lot and I can’t even find which one I like the most so I will just take a random pick!

Lamento - The World Devoid Of Emotion is taken from a BL game but it is an amazing soundtrack with soothing folk sounds and touching vocal songs. Try giving it a listen!



- Which was the last Music Album you listened to?

- Favourite anime this season?

- Have you ever been in a situation that was a result of your actions and regreted it?

- Have you ever been abroad? Where would you like to go if given the chance?

- Which concert was the most memorable to you and why?

- What do you think of me?

- Would you travel all the way around the world just to meet someone you met over the internet?

- What was the most extreme thing you did in your life, so far?

- Do people really need someone to love them in order to feel complete?

- My birthday is in a few weeks! If you had the chance to buy anything in the world, which item would be the best for me?

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